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This 12-hour master class shows you how to make it big as a consultant



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This bundle aims to teach you how to successfully launch your brand.
This bundle aims to teach you how to successfully launch your brand.

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TL;DR: Learn to be your own boss with this online course for $49, a 95% savings as of Aug. 11. 

Things are weird in the economy right now. Whether you’re working full time but feel completely stuck in a job you hate, or you’re unfortunately recently unemployed thanks to COVID, it’s hard to know what’s the best path forward for your career.

But sometimes when things get weird, you end up taking an unexpected road that’s all the better in the end. And for some, that road may include taking your career into your own hands by becoming a consultant.

The term “consultant” can mean a lot of things — everyone from designers to coders to business development professionals to electricians can partner with companies as consultants. In short, you provide a service and bill the companies what you think is fair. What a novel idea, right? If you’d like to know a little (or a lot more) than that, the $100K Consultants Lifetime Course by Kate Bagoy is a really helpful tool. 

A member of the Forbes Coaches Council and successful consultant in her own right, Kate Bagoy designed this online coaching bundle to guide you through the process of launching a freelance or consulting business and earning your first $100,000 — fast. The coursework dispenses lessons on business, brand, marketing, and sales, providing bite-sized action items. From teaching you the entrepreneurial mindset to creating a business brand to landing big clients, this course leaves no stone unturned when it comes to helping you seek success.

No technical jargon involved. Everything is explained in an engaging and concise manner, so you can understand and put it into practice right away. And best of all, you can learn from Kate’s mistakes as she shares them, rather than learning them the hard way. It’s like having a mentor without going out to find one or paying big for executive coaching.

If you’re ready to leave corporate burnout behind and start your own venture, grab this course on sale for only $49 and get to it.

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