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Prime Day 2020 MacBook Air deal: Save $99



Save $99: The 13-inch 8GB Apple MacBook Air is on sale on Amazon for $899.99 for Prime Day.

We know you’re excited about the iPhone 12 — so much so that you may not even be noticing all the great Apple sales going on. This only happens once in a blue moon so you should probably take advantage of it. 

One product that’s finally a bit discounted is the MacBook Air. The 13-inch and 8 GB model is $99 off as part of Amazon’s Prime Day, making it just $899.99. 

The slim laptop is perfect for those on the move. Weighing just 2.8 lbs, it won’t be annoying to slip into your backpack and take with you wherever you’re headed. But don’t confuse its minimalistic design for lack of power. The laptop brings double the bass than previous models and 25% more volume. 

It also has a 20% larger keyboard that includes Touch ID. Log into your laptop or make purchases through your Apple ID or Apple Pay all with the touch of a finger. 

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