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Zinus memory foam mattresses are on sale for less than $300 at Walmart



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Soft yet firm memory foam plus charcoal and green tea extract to air things out.
Soft yet firm memory foam plus charcoal and green tea extract to air things out.

Image: zinus

Memorial Day mattress sale just rolls right off the tongue, doesn’t it?

Casper, Nectar, and about 20 more of the big mattress-in-a-box names are dropping prices for the holiday weekend, but trying to sift through whether $100 off a $600 mattress is better than getting two free pillows gets overwhelming. No shade.

If dropping that much on a mattress isn’t in the budget right now, an Eco-Sense memory foam mattress from Zinus may be calling your name — and they’re up to $100 off at Walmart today. (The prices are so good, the king is only $262.65.)

What’s Eco-Sense, you ask? Each mattress is made with BioFoam made from natural plant oil instead of petroleum, uses charcoal to wick moisture, and is topped off with natural green tea extract to help maintain freshness even after an entire summer of sweaty sleeps.

The cloud-like feeling is the squish everyone wants, but support on pressure points is just as important for waking up not in pain. Zinus’ memory foam seems to achieve the right balance of firmness and softness, and for a budget mattress brand, the reports we’ve seen about sleep quality are pretty impressive. (Just check out the customer reviews.)

Regularly ranging from $211 to $357, you can grab a twin for $152.15, a full for $194.65, a queen for $249, and a king for $262.65. Choose your size and score free delivery here.

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