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Lyft rolls out its own version of Uber Express Pool called ‘Shared Saver’




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Pile in for a crowded ride.
Pile in for a crowded ride.

Image: Lyft

If you’re willing to walk a few blocks, you could save money on your next ride.

On Wednesday, Lyft rolled out its version of Uber Express Pool: Shared Saver. Think of it as an on-demand mini-bus. The app gives you walking directions to meet a driver already carrying or on their way to pick up other passengers. After being dropped off, you might also have to walk a few blocks to your destination. 

Shared Saver is the cheapest option.

Shared Saver is the cheapest option.

Wait for the app to tell you how far you'll be walking.

Wait for the app to tell you how far you’ll be walking.

Uber’s version of the feature launched nationwide a year ago, so the concept isn’t entirely new, especially for people who flip between the two apps. (Now there are loyalty programs that encourage users to stick to a single app.) Lyft is already offering riders in Denver and San Jose the Shared Saver option, with other cities to follow.

About two years ago Lyft tested a service called Shuttle in San Francisco and Chicago. That was focused more on commuters with set pick-up and drop-off points during weekday rush hours. It was basically a modified bus route, and it’s no longer in service. A Lyft spokesperson said they learned a lot from the program and applied those lessons to Shared Saver. Now, the feature is here to save you money, and help you get your steps in. 

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