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Casio’s new G-Shock watch sounds like it could survive a nuclear blast



Casio’s G-Shock watches are known for ruggedness, toughness and durability, but the latest specimen from the company’s premium line “Mr. G” is something else. 

The sexily named MRGG2000RJ-2A comes with a ridiculous amount of toughness-related buzzwords; if half of what’s written in the press release is true, this watch will probably outlast you, your descendants, and possibly the human race.

Let’s begin. The MRGG2000RJ-2A has an all-titanium case, back cover and clasp. But it’s not just any titanium. It’s titanium that has undergone a “deep-hardening treatment” that makes it five times harder than regular titanium. Yes, this watch’s titanium out-titaniums titanium. 

The bezel is made from Murasaki-gane metal and Cobarion. These, Casio claims, are premium materials that make the bezels 2-3 times stronger than regular steel. It’s also undergone “deep violet Arc Ion Plating” treatment, that gives it a “mirror-like, purple finish.”

The watch also has a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal protecting the dial, with an inner coating, which should improve clarity and readability. 

Can you feel the toughness?

Can you feel the toughness?

Finally, the watch features a Japanese engraving on the back meaning “gravity,” hand-engraved by sword smith Teruhira Kamiyama. I don’t really know much about sword smiths but this guy must be good if he can engrave anything into that ultra-hard titanium case. 

Even the watch’s band is made of fluoro-rubber material which Casio says is soft, yet durable. 



Given the hefty price tag of $4,300, watch aficionados might be a bit disappointed that there’s no automatic movement beneath all that tough exterior. Yes, the MRGG2000RJ-2A is a quartz watch, but it does have a bunch of features, including world time, daily alarm, countdown timer, day/date display and automatic date update. For accuracy, the watch features three-way sync, by way of Bluetooth, GPS, and Multi-Band 6 tech. It also has a “Super Illuminator” LED light, and its battery is self-charging through Casio’s Tough Solar technology. 

And yeah, if you even have to ask, the watch is shock-resistant and water resistant up to 200M. 

The MRGG2000RJ-2A will be available in February with selected high-end jewelers and in Casio’s G-Shock store in Soho, NYC. 

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