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Best photo editing software for your desktop computer or laptop



We take more photos than ever, and for the past ten years Photoshop Elements has made photo editing easy for entry-level snappers. ‘ latest 2018 update not only helps you edit your photos to their best potential, but it also organizes them all for you using built-in content intelligence. The AI analyzes your photos and gives you options to correct them using just a few clicks. 
The software automatically sorts your photos by date, subject, people, and places. By attaching smart tags, photos of common subjects like birthdays, sunsets and landmarks, become easy to find without having to do any of the organizing work yourself. There’s even a feature that cuts down on editing time by automatically choosing the best shot for you to edit based on image quality, faces, and subjects.
If you’re familiar with how difficult it can sometimes be to isolate a specific subject in a photo using , the new update makes it way easier. Just drag a box around the subject (or multiple subjects), and the software will isolate it for you, then you can fine-tune the edges if needed.
If you’re a newbie, the latest update is an ideal choice because it comes with 49 guided elements features that show you how to edit your photos step-by-step. And of course, you can always add your own personal touch. 

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