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10 things in tech you need to know today, July 31



Fortnite Season 5_skins
There are rumours that “Fortnite” could be coming to
Samsung as an exclusive.


Good morning! This is the tech news you need to know this

Uber is shutting down its self-driving truck division and will
instead focus on self-driving cars
Uber Freight, a
unit which connects truck drivers connect with shipping
companies, will be unaffected.

The CEO of Moviepass announced in an all-hands meeting
that tickets to big upcoming movies will not be available on
the app
The implication was that the practice
of not offering tickets to major releases would continue for the
foreseeable future.

3. ‘Fortnite’
is reportedly heading to Android as an exclusive to a brand-new
Samsung phone
Rumours point to the game being
exclusive to Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Note 9 smartphone when the
phone arrives in late August, with wide availability a month

4. It
looks like photos of Google’s next phone have
 New leaked photos supposedly show the
white version of Google’s upcoming Pixel 3 XL smartphone, which
has a surprisingly large “chin.”

5. Spotify
executive Troy Carter is leaving the
Spotify’s global head of creator
services Troy Carter will leave his post in early September and
assume an advisory role at the streaming service.

6. Tesla
is experimenting with a new way to deliver the Model
Tesla CEO Elon Musk delivered a Model 3
sedan directly from its Fremont, California factory to a
customer’s home and indicated the company will continue to
deliver vehicles in this way.

Democrats have reportedly drawn up plans to slap big tech firms
with privacy laws similar to GDPR in the EU
a document obtained by Axios, Democratic senator Mark Warner
outlined ways of improving regulation of big tech in the US.

YouTuber Logan Paul called out KSI for his ‘disgusting’ remarks
about women, and it’s a sign their pre-fight trash talk is going
too far
 Paul took issue with KSI’s insults
against his girlfriend, actress Chloe Bennett, and said his
behaviour had been immature.

Tesla made 200 limited-edition surfboards that cost $1,500 each,
and they sold out in just one day
Some of the
boards could be found on eBay, selling for between $2,000
and $5,000.

Amazon made a $1.5 million investment in bus infrastructure in
Public transit has been a big sticking
point for cities as they fight for the chance to host Amazon’s
second headquarters, dubbed HQ2.

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