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Google swipes at Apple and Microsoft in its new Chromebook advert



The Google Pixelbook.

  • Google took a huge swipe at Apple and Microsoft in its
    new Chromebook commercial.
  • In a sign of Google’s confidence in Chromebook, the
    company mocked the load times and error messages of its
  • Chromebook sales in the US grew 70% last year,
    according to Google.

Google has started hawking its new Chromebook — and it couldn’t
resist a dig at Apple and Microsoft.

In a sign of its confidence in Chromebook, which remains a
relative upstart in the face of Apple and Microsoft’s decades of
dominance in the personal computer market, Google took a shot at
its error-prone rivals.

The minute-long commercial, set to playful classical music, mocks
Apple and Microsoft’s spinning beach ball and egg timer, and asks
if viewers are “over” the companies’ error messages.

Chromebook adGoogle/YouTube

It then bombards the screen with error messages that PC and Mac
users will be well accustomed with, before cutting to a clean
shot of the Google Pixelbook and showcasing its features.

It’s not unusual for tech manufacturers to poke fun at their
competitors in ads. Samsung famously insulted iPhone
users and the notch at the top of the iPhone X in a campaign last

But The Verge said it’s the first time Google has taken a “clear
shot” at Windows and Mac laptops. Chromebook sales in the US grew
70% last year, according to Google, while the
laptops have been popular with
schools in America.

Such is the success of Chromebook that it was reported last year
that Microsoft is working on a product
that will mimic the ultra-cheap laptop.

Here’s the ad in full:

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