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Truth Behind Lewis Burton and Caroline Flack Assault After Tragic Suicide by Hanging (Unpublished Instagram Post)




The Media’s duty is to publish news. To tell a story using the evidence it has. Boycotts happen when media sources do not take the steps to investigate whether information is factual before broadcasting it to the world. That in itself is careless and illogical.

The problem is, very little news would exist if all existing avenues of truth had to be explored, analysed and evaluated before reaching the desk. Media is about reaching the masses and staying in business, so unfortunately, quantity often overshadows quality.

We ourselves are partly to blame. We have the basic human understanding of common sense. The basic understanding that the simple act of communicating words doesn’t make it factual unless verifiable evidence is proven. Opinions, personal accounts and a summarised recollection of an incident is not factual. If it were, we could confidently bin the whole legal system.

The situation surrounding Lewis Burton and Caroline Flack, to date, has been somewhat speculative. The two people who have the highest level of knowledge surrounding what occurred on the morning of 12th December 2019 and the reasoning behind Caroline Flack’s suicide, is Lewis Burton and Caroline Flack. Unfortunately, Flack is no longer here to elaborate on the truth.


What we do have, thankfully, is a little insight into her state of mind and a bit of understanding on what likely happened. Below is the full Statement written by Caroline Flack before her suicide by hanging;

Caroline Flack’s full statement

For a lot of people, being arrested for common assault is an extreme way to have some sort of spiritual awakening but for me it’s become the normal.

I’ve been pressing the snooze button on many stresses in my life – for my whole life. I’ve accepted shame and toxic opinions on my life for over 10 years and yet told myself it’s all part of my job. No complaining.

The problem with brushing things under the carpet is… they are still there and one day someone is going to lift that carpet up and all you are going to feel is shame and embarrassment.

On December the 12th 2019 I was arrested for common assault on my boyfriend …Within 24 hours my whole world and future was swept from under my feet and all the walls that I had taken so long to build around me, collapsed. I am suddenly on a different kind of stage and everyone is watching it happen.

I have always taken responsibility for what happened that night. Even on the night. But the truth is… It was an accident. I’ve been having some sort of emotional breakdown for a very long time. But I am NOT a domestic abuser. We had an argument and an accident happened. An accident.

The blood that someone SOLD to a newspaper was MY blood and that was something very sad and very personal.

The reason I am talking today is because my family can’t take anymore. I’ve lost my job. My home. My ability to speak. And the truth has been taken out of my hands and used as entertainment.

I can’t spend every day hidden away being told not to say or speak to anyone. I’m so sorry to my family for what I have brought upon them and for what my friends have had to go through.

I’m not thinking about how I’m going to get my career back. I’m thinking about how I’m going to get mine and my family’s life back. I can’t say anymore than that.

It is evident that the circumstance of the incident was not as black and white as originally publicised. More surprisingly, Lewis Burton has on a number of occasions stated the blood in the now infamous photo was not his, Caroline did not assault him, and that he vows to be her voice for the truth. Yet, as a primary source to the whole situation, he has made no attempt to clarify exactly what occurred on 12th December 2019.

The most crucial part of the Flack’s statement is this;

“The blood that someone SOLD to a newspaper was MY blood and that was something very sad and very personal.”

The truth behind the assault

There is little doubt that the cause of Flack losing so much blood was self-inflicted, whether accidental or not. However, Burton needs to come out and speak the full truth of what occured on the morning of 12th December 2019; the full story of what physically happened and the various thoughts going on in his mind as he called 999. What exactly was said during the 999 call that warranted the CPS to continue on with a case despite him showing no significant wound and not wanting to persue things further?

It seems as though Caroline Flack’s suicide was inevitable. She may have felt like she wanted to die on the 12th December 2019 due to her emotional state. The result of what followed the weeks after simply added fuel to an already existing flame.

Now let me be frank; hitting someone with a lamp is absolutely uncalled for. However, context and wording is essential. Did she actively “hit” Burton with the lamp, did she “throw” the lamp which resulted in hitting him, was there a repeated action after the first “hit”?

If we take an objective and critical standpoint, as we should in such legal circumstance, there is the possibility that Flack had thrown the lamp in anger, not expecting it to hit Burton. The truth though, only Burton knows.

People who suffer from depressive and suicidal thoughts can do harm, but rarely intentionally to others; more-so intentionally to themselves. The now published statement left by Flack speaks volumes. Regrettably, this whole situation may have had a contrasting outcome if approached differently.

If you are feeling suicide or require emotional support, please call the Samaritans 24-hour helpline on 116 123. You do not have to give your name or any identifiable information.
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