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Why we love LG, Samsung, Sony, and Vizio



If you’re in the market for a high-end, gamer-friendly TV but aren’t sold on an OLED, the should be at the top of your list. Users rave about this television’s brightness and dimming capabilities, as well as it’s lightning-fast response times, making it an excellent choice for gamers.
Unlike the OLED TVs that are lit by individual sub-pixels, the QLED series features an LCD display. What does that mean for gamers? Unbeatable brightness, great local dimming capabilities, and, most importantly, zero risk of burn-in, ever. The QLED also boasts virtually no image lag and features a high response rate, even while in game mode. It runs something called FreeSync, an LCD synchronization technology that supports a dynamic refresh rate to reduce tearing and stuttering. (Translation: you’re going to be able to play fast-moving games, especially on Xbox One or on your PC, and they’re going to look really freaking good. You’re welcome.)
The one downside of the QLED is that if you’re seated at an angle, your view is going to be compromised a bit, as is true of all LCD displays. Although that might be an issue if you’re used to gaming with a few friends spread out on the couch, we don’t think it’s a big enough knock to diminish from this TV’s other excellent features.
Amazon reviewer writes:

“The Samsung QLED 65” TV has a number of modes to optimize my viewing experience. We also use this TV for gaming and love the Game Mode. The TV automatically detects when you are using a game console and puts you in Game Mode. Compared to my previous TV, I feel like I’m in the video game!

The Samsung QN65Q9F FLAT 65” QLED 4K UHD 9 Series Smart TV 2018 is the total package. The picture quality is head and shoulders above the rest with its 4K quality. The TV is innovated with the Q Smart with Bixby voice assistance, One Invisible Connection, One Connect box and SmartThings app (just to name a few). All of these features make the TV easy to install and fun to use. Now I want to upgrade all of our TVs. Kudos to Samsung for getting it right!”

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