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Why raw cookie dough is dangerous to eat right now




Now is not the time to be eating raw cookie dough.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently sparked backlash on Twitter by reminding people not to eat raw cookie dough.

If people clicked the link instead of uniting in their dedication to eating raw cookie dough, they might see why the CDC is highlighting these risks right now.

As of late May, 17 people in eight states have been infected with E. coli linked to ADM Milling Co. Flour from Aldi, and King Arthur Flour has been recalled in connection to these E. coli concerns.

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Most people assume that the major risk when consuming raw cookie dough is in the eggs. However, the egg industry has actually made great strides in food safety since the ’90s, according to food-poisoning advocate and attorney Bill Marler.

While fewer people are worried about raw flour, it carries plenty of risks, Marler says. In 2016, an E. coli outbreak linked to raw flour sickened 63 people.

“Flour is typically a raw agricultural product. This means it hasn’t been treated to kill germs like Escherichia coli (E. coli),” according to the CDC. “Harmful germs can contaminate grain while it’s still in the field or at other steps during flour production.”

The CDC’s investigation into the current E. coli investigation linked to flour is ongoing. So, even if you’re usually someone willing to take the risk for some delicious cookie dough, it is currently a good time to wait until the cookies make it out of the oven.

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