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Who supports impeachment? Major Democrats who want to impeach Trump




Internal tensions over whether to impeach President Donald Trump are brewing among House Democrats — and more members are openly coming out in favor of impeachment with every passing day.

Rep. Rashida Tlaib of Michigan introduced a resolution in favor of impeachment in late March with just a few cosponsors, but the release of special counsel Robert Mueller’s report from his nearly two-year-long investigations and its aftermath have increased the appetite for impeaching Trump.

The report did not come to a “traditional prosecutorial decision” as to whether Trump obstructed the Mueller probe and other federal investigations involving him, but laid out 11 possible incidents of obstruction and left it to Congress to decide.

The fervor for impeachment has only intensified as the Trump administration ramped up its stonewalling of Congress’ attempts to investigate Trump since the report’s release.

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On May 29, Mueller gave a press conference at the DOJ announcing his formal resignation, re-iterating the conclusions of his report’s findings, and declining to voluntarily testify before Congress.

Mueller made it explicitly clear that the report did not exonerate Trump, and that his office had no ability to charge Trump with a crime given existing DOJ policy prohibiting prosecutors from indicting a sitting president — leaving the next steps up to Congress.

While Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other top Democrats say they believe an impeachment inquiry would divide the country and end up playing into Trump’s hands, a consensus is forming among other Democrats that impeachment is a necessary next step.

Democratic leaders came under more pressure to consider impeachment when a Republican congressman, Rep. Justin Amash of Michigan, risked his seat and his political career to call for impeaching Trump.

Here are the 79 currently-serving House Democrats — including three House Democrats running for president — and eight additional Democratic presidential candidates who have openly come out in favor of beginning an impeachment inquiry against Trump.

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