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What to buy for first-time pilots



With adult supervision, the Akaso X5C can be a fun and safe drone for kids ages 8 and up. The plastic build might make it feel like a toy, but make no mistake about it, this drone takes off and soars. However, it does have some safety features that will make parents feel better, like propellor guards and collision detection. 
This drone features a six-axis gyro quad-rotor for strong stability and easy controls, while it’s even sturdy in flight with wind resistance built in. Don’t worry, Akaso X5C won’t fly away during a strong wind gust, but rather it will keep on course.
The Akaso X5C even has one-button tricks to really wow your friends and family. They’ll think you’re an expert at droning, but little do they know, you just pressed a button to perform flips and dives.
While its HD camera can record video and shoot photos in the air, it’s really just there to give pilots a better sense of flight at a low cost. It also flies with ease without interference from other drones or radio frequencies because its 2.4GHz transmitter is on its own separate channel.
Need a second opinion? Amazon customer Elizabeth Hayden writes:

“Bought these for my husband and kids to learn how to fly. These are great for a first time flyer. I would recommend this for someone wanting to get into this hobby but do not want to break the bank!!! Instructions are really in depth for the price point of the toy. Only downfall is having to wait to charge the batteries!!! Will have to get more battery packs for extended flying time.”

With a 3.7 out of 5 star customer rating, Akaso X5C goes for $49.99 on Amazon.

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