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What it’s like to use a computer in North Korea: PHOTOS



North Korea Red Star ComputerA North Korean student using a computer at Kim Il Sung University.Flickr/Uri ToursWhen former Google employee Will Scott had the chance to visit the Pyongyang University of Science and Technology, he also purchased a copy of North Korea’s “Red Star 3” operating system before returning to America.

Little was publicly known about Red Star 3 at the time.

North Korea used to use Windows, but it has since created Red Star 3, which is designed to look a lot like Apple’s macOS operating system. Red Star 4 is reportedly in the works, but for now, most people in North Korea are still on the third version.

From stunning and picturesque wallpapers to removing South Korea from the available time zones, here’s what it’s like to use a computer in North Korea:

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