Dallas TexasDallas, Texas, is one of the HQ2 contenders.f11photo/Shutterstock

  • Amazon is revisiting some of the cities shortlisted for its new headquarters, HQ2, The Wall Street Journal reported on Friday. 
  • Those cities include New York, Newark, Miami, and Chicago, according to The Journal. 
  • 20 cities are still in the running, and Amazon is expected to announce a decision before the end of the year. Find out more about their proposals below.

It’s been nine months since Amazon announced its short list of 20 cities that could become home to its new headquarters, but the world is still none the wiser as to where it will be. And, it seems possible that Amazon isn’t, either. 

The Wall Street Journal reported on Friday that Amazon has been revisiting some of the cities on the short list, including New York, Newark, Miami, and Chicago. Other cities, such as Raleigh, North Carolina, reportedly haven’t heard from Amazon in months. 

Sources familiar with the matter told the Journal that Amazon is still in negotiations and hasn’t finalized a deal with any of the locations yet. 

For the new headquarters, Amazon said it plans to invest over $5 billion and accommodate as many as 50,000 high-paying jobs, making it one of the largest corporate-civic giveaways in modern American history.

It initially received 238 proposals from North American locations that were eager to become its new home. At the start, Amazon outlined several requirements for cities, including access to an international airport, a population of more than one million, and a “stable and business-friendly environment.”

Take a look at the proposals from the cities that are still in the running:

Leanna Garfield contributed reporting to an earlier version of this article.