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Walmart’s has STEM toys, tablets, and more on back to school sale



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Coding robot toys, anatomy kits, kids' tablets, and more are on mega sale.
Coding robot toys, anatomy kits, kids’ tablets, and more are on mega sale.

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Back to school season is (somehow) here, y’all. 

This means parents have about a month of kids being excited about entering a new grade until they’re, uh, not anymore — and then they’re rushing through homework to get back to video games and Spongebob. Awesome.

That is, unless they have toys that make math, science, creativity, and spelling fun instead of frustrating. Walmart has a massive learning toys section and has dropped the price on a ton of items to give parents a hand with getting kids pumped for learning, just in time for the new school year.

found that, basically, when a kid gets to use a fun touch screen or toy and doesn’t feel like vocabulary words or numbers are being forced down their throat, it makes them a hell of a lot more excited to learn. Kids are actually interacting with content (especially when games or characters are involved), making the learning experience richer and the vocab words, numbers, or whatever else they’re seeing more memorable. This even goes for kids as young as 1 — toddlers using touch screens or electronic toys can show you what they’re learning with the swipe of a finger or press of a button.

The selection is decked out with learning toys for all ages from toddlers to pre-teens, with alphabet- and number- teaching stuffed animals, coding robots, anatomy and crystal growing kits, and more. Plus, if you’re tired of them begging for an iPad (or getting yours all sticky), there are even deals on kids ‘tablets from Sprout, LeapFrog, and HighQ.

We’ve picked out our favorite deals below, but you can find the entire selection here.

For kids 0 to 7

For kids 7 to 12

If you’re really loving the whole STEM idea, check out Amazon’s STEM toy box and get handpicked STEM toys sent to your little future scientist each month.

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