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Walmart, Target, and Amazon have great smart 4K TV deals this week, including 65-inch TVs from Samsung and VIZIO under $800



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This is the biggest list of deals on 60-inch-plus TVs we've ever had.
This is the biggest list of deals on 60-inch-plus TVs we’ve ever had.

Image: vizio/pexels

Happy almost August, y’all. (Okay, it might not be that happy as August usually means vacation season ending, going back to school, and an all-around sense of dread when thinking about those #summervibes slowly dissipating. Sad face.)

Except a new month also means new releases on Netflix and Hulu, which is definitely a silver lining — and we’re thinking the thing to do is catch a smart 4K TV deal to give yourself some bingeing to look forward to. (And the new season of Orange is the New Black just came out on July 27, so.)

No, seriously — these TV deals are so good, they may literally cheer you up. Walmart, Target, and Amazon must be trying to keep the morale up, too: This is regularly $2,299.99, and when you add it to your cart, it drops to $849. This is nearly $2,000 off. This 65-inch XLED from VIZIO is somehow under $600. What?

A lot of the best deals will be the “See price in cart” kind, but we tested them and they’re legit. Oh yeah, and you’ll get free 2-day shipping on all of them. 

Here are the best TV deals this week:

60 inches and up

50 inches and up

40 inches and up

30 inches and up

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