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Walmart has tons of vacuums on sale for under $100



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These vacuums will help make your easy post-game cleanup the true victory.
These vacuums will help make your easy post-game cleanup the true victory.

Image: Walmart

TL;DR: Get a top brand vacuum on the cheap. Walmart has plenty on sale right now for less than $100.

Like it or not, the big game is almost upon us. You know, that massive football thing that happens every year around this time? And if you’re hosting a watch party, that means crumbs, spills, and a whole lot of yelling about blown calls and a disappointing halftime show. Won’t that be fun?

You already have the giant new HDTV set up and upgraded your slow cooker game for that killer chili and queso dip everyone loves. Maybe you even ponied up for a tabletop grill this year to keep the burgers plentiful. But with great hosting also comes the inevitable chore of cleanup once the game is over and all those fair-weather fans have left a big mess behind. Luckily, Walmart has you covered with plenty of brand name vacuums on sale for under $100, most of which include free delivery. 

Some everyday vacuums can run upwards of $300, which in our opinion is ridiculous. Instead, check out our list below for a few more affordable options from trusted names like Bissell, Shark, and Hoover. Then you’ll be able to clean up like a champ once the inevitable, anti-climactic blowout happens like it does pretty much every year.

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