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Walmart and Best Buy go hard



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Prep for December sports with savings on Samsung's 'The Frame' TV or a Samsung 8K TV.
Prep for December sports with savings on Samsung’s ‘The Frame’ TV or a Samsung 8K TV.

Image: samsung


The fact that both Walmart and Best Buy are throwing Samsung-specific savings events (with their own tab and everything) tells you that Samsung is a guaranteed winner this Black Friday. All other brands just get shoved in the regular TV tab.

Samsung TVs rule so hard because they give any household a chance to upgrade to 4K regardless of the budget. You can grab a well-reviewed 55-inch 4K TV on sale for less than $400 if that’s all you need, or if you have disposable income for your entertainment rig, grab a 75-inch 8K Samsung TV for $1,000 off.

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We’ll let you know which retailer has the best price or when two retailers have the same price. Check the shipping if you need a deal breaker: Most times, Best Buy only offers free shipping if it’s not two-day delivery while Walmart has free two-day delivery on most TVs. 

40 inches and up

50 inches and up

60 inches and up

70 inches and up

80 inches and up

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