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Uber will pay $1.9 million for sexual harassment claims



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Uber is set to pay a total


  • Uber will pay an average settlement of just under
    $34,000 each to 56 current and former employees claiming sexual
  • It will also pay 485 female and minority engineers as
    part of a class-action claiming discrimination for pay
    disparity an average of $11,000 each.
  • This gives a total payout of roughly $7.2


Uber will have to pay out huge sums of money in settling a sexual
harassment case with 56 current and former employees, as well as
to 485 female and minority engineers claiming discrimination.

Each of the 56 claimants will receive $33,928.57 on average ,
which works out to just under $1.9 million overall. In addition,
the 56 are part of a wider class action consisting of 485 female
and minority engineers claiming discrimination for pay disparity.
Each of these claimants will receive an average of $11,000 each,
giving a back-of-the-envelope estimate of just over $5.3 million.
Totted up, this gives a total payout of roughly $7.2 million.

The average settlement figures were
first reported by Bloomberg
citing documents submitted to a
federal judge in Oakland, California on Monday.

Before the payouts can happen the settlement requires court
approval, which is due in November, and the claimants still have
the right to object.

Lawyer for the class action Jahan Sagafi told the BBC
that once the settlement is approved, “we can pay class members
for these discrimination and harassment claims and begin the
three-year effort to monitor Uber’s implementation of the HR

This is the latest chapter in a string of stories about
discrimination at Uber.
The ride-hailing company’s head of HR resigned in July
an internal investigation revealed accusations that she
systematically dismissed complaints of racial discrimination.

Business Insider has contacted Uber for comment.

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