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Two Google Chromecast models are on sale at Walmart — save up to $10



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Chromecast pairs perfectly with Google Home.
Chromecast pairs perfectly with Google Home.

Image: Google

Jealous of your smart TV-owning friends who spend their nights bundled up watching Netflix in glorious 4K while you’re stuck catching up on on your laptop? Wouldn’t it be so great if you could just transfer your computer screen over to your television seamlessly? Google has you covered with Chromecast, and not one, but *two* of their latest models are currently on sale at Walmart.

You can currently save $10 on a , or $5 on a at Walmart. With either of these devices, you’ll be able to start streaming your favorite programs with ease. 

Streaming with is a breeze — just plug the attached HDMI cord into your TV and connect it to the smart device that you want to mirror (it can be a laptop, a phone, or anything else that you can use Google Chrome on). You can also stream music or podcasts to the Chromecast, and even continue using your device while connected to your TV. Chromecast is also compatible with Google Home — just utter the now ubiquitous “Ok, Google” and let it know what form of entertainment you’d like to indulge in. Wondering about the difference between the two models? It really just comes down to resolution — so if you can spare the extra few bucks for the version, you’ll be able to stream everything in beautiful 4K if you have a 4K TV.  

Upgrade your TV for less — on two Google Chromecast Models at Walmart. 

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