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Twitter CEO hinted at removing ‘like’ button and users freaked out



Jack Dorsey AP

  • Twitter founder and CEO Jack Dorsey reportedly said he was
    looking to remove the ability to “like” tweets,
    the Telegraph reports
  • Twitter
    that it had no plans to remove the feature at the
    moment, but it was rethinking the “like” button as part of a
    bigger plan to ensure the platform is “incentivizing healthy
  • Nonetheless, users took to Twitter to voice their opinions,
    and they were not happy about it.

Twitter founder and CEO Jack Dorsey reportedly said at an event
last week he wanted to “soon” remove the “like” button from the
platform, according to the

denied the report and said that it had “no plans to
share right now.” 

“As we’ve been saying for a while, we are rethinking
everything about the service to ensure we are incentivizing
healthy conversation, that includes the like button,” Twitter
Comms said
in a tweet.

But Twitter’s denial didn’t stop users from reacting to the
Telegraph story with emotional freak-outs and jabs at the social
media platform.

At the WIRED25 summit
earlier this month
, Dorsey vocalized his unhappiness
with the “big like button with a heart on it.” However, he did
not mention any plans to remove the feature, which Twitter’s VP

communications Brandon
Borrman reiterated
 in a tweet following the Telegraph

has also floated the idea
he plans to revamp Twitter as a way
to stop “echo chambers” from proliferating on the site. Twitter
is often criticized for a
perceived “laissez-faire response”
to trolls, threatening
posts, the proliferation of bot accounts, and misinformation and
fake news.

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