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This popular Lenovo Chromebook is on sale for under $200 at Walmart



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The Lenovo Chromebook is ideal for Netflix and general daily use, and also makes a great first laptop.
The Lenovo Chromebook is ideal for Netflix and general daily use, and also makes a great first laptop.

Image: lenovo/pixabay/mashable photo composite

Everyone hypes up high-end laptops, but here’s the thing: Not everyone needs to drop $1,000 plus on one.

And while we love our MacBooks and Razers here, people who aren’t doing massive work projects or graphics-heavy gaming could manage to save a lot by grabbing a Chromebook instead. And this well-reviewed one from Lenovo is $120 off today, making it just $179.

Lenovo has joined the ranks as one of the best laptop brands and frankly, deserves just as much credit as the Apples and Dells of the world. Their mega low prices don’t look like it, but these affordable devices get more love than a lot of higher-priced competitors. The Lenovo Chromebook S330 (81JW0001US) is great for daily computing, watching Netflix, and other day-to-day laptop stuff, featuring a 1080p FHD display and 1.70 GHz processor.

Walmart customer KC writes:

“Great computer, big screen, excellent battery life, great keyboard, handles tasks well. You seriously can’t go wrong with this purchase. For most people, this is all the computer you need. Given its price point, it seems like a no brainer and total steal.”

And before you ask: No, Chromebooks aren’t just shitty laptops. They’re some of the smallest, most lightweight laptops out there, and hold most everything in the cloud (rather than in physical memory that could be lost if your laptop dies). Mashable’s Ray Wong insists that every paranoid laptop user should have one, as ChromeOS means that your Google Account will sync and personal, browsing, or banking info will stay in Google’s Cloud.

Regularly $299, you can save $120 and grab it for $179.

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