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This phone-cooling kit and waterproof safe is great for the beach



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This storage case will keep your belongings protected — and cool — at the beach.
This storage case will keep your belongings protected — and cool — at the beach.

Image: Beachsafe

TL;DR: Enjoy the beach without having to worry about your belongings being safe with the beachsafe® valuables storage and safe with phone charging and cooling for $69.99, a 12% savings as of July 16. 

Summer is here, which means you likely have a few beach (or pool) days in your future. Beyond just wearing your swimsuit and bringing sunscreen, there’s one major essential you’ve been missing: the beachsafe valuables storage and phone cooling kit

This genius device is basically an upgraded version of a beach bag. Not only does the kit provide great storage for your keys, jewelry, and most importantly, your phone, but it includes a built-in charger and a cooling fan to prevent your electronics from overheating. That way you can enjoy a day of socially distancing in the sun without damaging your devices along the way. 

And if you’re worried about taking a dip in the ocean and leaving your valuables behind (which you should be), this kit solves that, too. It’s designed with a four-digit reprogrammable lock and a stainless steel securing-cable that extends three feet. No matter how long you spend in the ocean, you’ll know no one’s taken your credit card on a spending spree.

Tthe kit comes in several bright colors and it’s also water-resistant (duh) so you won’t have to stress about opening it when your hands are wet. In fact, beachsafe was the direct result of one of the founders losing his phone after a sunny day at the beach instantly turned stormy. 

Normally $79, snag your snazzy beachsafe storage kit for $69.99 and giggle quietly when your friend’s phone overheats. 

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