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This Dell XPS Tower is powerful, upgradable — and on sale for $200 off with coupon



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The Dell XPS is a powerful PC that grows with you.
The Dell XPS is a powerful PC that grows with you.

Image: Dell

PC towers are complicated. There are tons of intricate parts, each with endless variations — it can all be pretty overwhelming. 

simplifies this issue by already making the hard decisions for you. Its base model comes with all the stuff you need to make a powerful, upgradable, mindfully designed PC setup at a fair price — especially with this awesome discount.

The speedy and sleek Dell XPS Tower could be yours for . Say goodbye to that $999.99 price tag and hello to $799.99. 

The Dell XPS Tower comes kitted with an 8th generation intel processor — in other words, this thing performs at a very high level. The minimalist chassis is perfect for a PC owner who doesn’t care for flashy lights, and it fits effortlessly in a home office or video game cave. 

is anything but limiting. It can be easily customized, upgraded, and built to fit your standards, whatever they may be. The XPS is also VR-ready, meaning you can enjoy all of your favorite virtual reality experiences in crystal clear fidelity right at your desk. The tower’s design runs quietly and stays cool, so you don’t have to be nervous about long periods of use. Also, you get a basic keyboard and mouse included in the package. 

Grab a with the coupon code AFF300XPS through March 2.

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