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The world’s largest underwater restaurant in Norway, ‘Under’: Photos




The world’s largest underwater restaurant in Norway just earned a spot on Time Magazine’s World’s Greatest Places 2019 list.

“Under,” which opened in March, is Europe’s first underwater eatery. Designed by Snøhetta, the restaurant sits half-submerged into the sea and has three-foot thick walls designed to withstand the area’s rugged seas.

Guests at Under can gaze at marine life through a 36- x 13-foot panoramic window in the dining room, which seats between 35 and 40 guests each night. Muted lighting was installed on the seabed so that guests can see the marine life in any weather conditions.

The cuisine is, of course, seafood. Danish chef Nicolai Ellitsgaard Pedersen will create locally sourced dishes that include cod, lobster, mussels, and truffle kelp, which is a local type of seaweed that apparently tastes like truffles.

Here’s a look inside Under, the world’s largest underwater restaurant.

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