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The Winix air purifier is on sale for $149.99 at Walmart



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An air purifier can keep your home pollen- and pet dander-free all year round.
An air purifier can keep your home pollen- and pet dander-free all year round.

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TL;DR: The well-reviewed Winix Air Cleaner can nix allergens in your home for $149.99, saving you $100 off the retail price.

Ah, there’s nothing like warm summer air.

The scent of sweat, bonfires, and hot trash (looking at you, NYC) are all going up your nose — and that’s not even mentioning summer allergies.

Give yourself peace of mind with what you’re breathing in every day with an air purifier. The Winix 5500-2 Air Cleaner is one of the best-rated devices out there, and it’s $100 off at Walmart. (Walmart boosted the original price by $10, so it’s regularly $249.99.)

Even if you haven’t been particularly picky with these things in the past, an air purifier is still a pretty important purchase in 2019 — according to the EPA, air quality in the U.S. has gotten significantly worse in the past two years.

Using smart sensors and PlasmaWave technology, the Winix Air Cleaner continually scans your air and captures dust, pollen, smoke, and mold spores. A special carbon filter also works to rid your home of odors from things like cooking or litter boxes. And, with an Energy Star rating, you can feel safe letting it run on set-and-forget-mode.

Got summer allergies? This Winix air purifier is $100 off at Walmart.

Though animal shedding seasons typically fall in spring and autumn, having pets is a constant battle with fur. Many vacuums for pet hair already have HEPA filters in them, but if your zoo needs something more heavy-duty, the Winix cleaner can cleanse 360 square feet of pet dander and allergens.

Regularly $249.99 on Winix’s website, you can save $100 and get it for $149.99 with free delivery from Walmart.

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