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The Vitamix A2300 blender is on sale for $350 on Amazon



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This powerful Vitamix can make homemade peanut butter  — just select the program on the app.
This powerful Vitamix can make homemade peanut butter  — just select the program on the app.

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We haven’t covered Vitamix blenders on sale in a hot second, and were kind of starting to get worried. A good blender and a good juicer are requirements for warm weather.

Amazon must have known you’d be ISO something for summer drinks and put one of our favorite Vitamix blenders on sale: Today, you can grab the app-enabled Vitamix A2300 Ascent Series Smart Blender on sale for just $350.16. 

(If you go by Amazon’s original price, that’s $199.79 off. If you go by’s original price, it’s $119.79 off. Either way, it’s cheaper than Vitamix’s site and only $20 away from its lowest price ever on Amazon, which hasn’t happened since 2017.)

On today’s episode of “Of course that appliance has an app now,” the Vitamix A2300 Ascent Series Smart Blender can connect to the iOS and Android app to unlock the blender’s 17 smart programs (like soup, ice cream, dough, and coffee), as well as over 500 recipes. If you’re no newbie to Vitamix blenders, this is a great upgrade to the one you have now.

Depending on your batch size, you can switch out the containers (it comes with a 64-ounce one) and the motor base will automatically adjust its blending times for the size you’ve chosen. According to the listing, this powerhouse pulverizes even the most stubborn ingredients like seeds or nuts — AKA homemade peanut butter is a go. 

With the same manual speed and pulse controls mentioned above, this blender offers a customizable experience that won’t lock you into a few recipes.

Regularly $469.95 on (and on sale for $399.95 there), you can grab the A2300 at Amazon for for $350.16.

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