Satya NadellaMicrosoft CEO Satya NadellaAP Photo/Elaine Thompson

  • Microsoft is more valuable than Apple for the first time since 2010. 
  • Here’s how Satya Nadella came into the CEO role in 2014 and led the company to its present heights.

When Satya Nadella first took the reins as Microsoft CEO in February 2014, the company was losing steam fast.

Microsoft Windows 8 had been a disaster. Microsoft employees were constantly battling behind the scenes for supremacy. And all the while, consumers and developers alike were losing the faith. 

Times change.

When the market closed on Friday, Microsoft’s market cap had exceeded that of Apple’s — something that hasn’t happened since President Obama was in office and the Zune was still a thing. It’s an exclamation point on Nadella’s almost five-year reign, in which he refocused the company and led it to new heights. 

Here’s how Satya Nadella came to Microsoft and executed a startling turnaround that led it to be worth more than Apple, with details taken from his book “Hit Refresh” and elsewhere:

This is an update to an article from 2016.