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The PS4 Slim is on sale for $269 at Walmart — $30 off regular price



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More than just a gaming console.
More than just a gaming console.

Image: Sony

Avid know all too well how much of a hefty cash investment a new console can be — they aren’t something that you can usually just buy on an impulse without running your pockets dry. But, when one of these precious machines are on sale, you best get out your checkbook because it doesn’t happen often. Now is one of those times. 

You can score a PlayStation 4 Slim console for — every other retailer, including PlayStation themselves, have it listed for $299. $30 may not seem like a huge amount of savings, but considering these don’t regularly go on sale, you should jump on this one.

The is a premier console with some of the best exclusive games on the market. Without the PS4, you won’t get to play games like , , or , as well as many other must-play titles. But the PlayStation 4 is more than just a gaming console — it’s also an all-encompassing entertainment device packed to the brim with your favorite and music streaming apps, a full internet browser, and more (and it plays Blu-rays). You can even add on a PlayStation VR kit to your system down the line if you feel like it — we love having options. With 500GB of space, a slim and sleek design, and the ultra-comfortable DualShock4 controller, this isn’t a deal you’re going to want to miss. 

Take the dive and pick up a PlayStation 4 Slim console for

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