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The new Duo Nova is almost 50% off



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After a massive launch party in Oct. 2019 for additions like new pressure cookers, new toaster ovens, and a new air fryer lid, Instant Pot news has been quiet lately. 

Deals on the cookers have been slow, too — aside from Black Friday, of course. To absolutely no one’s surprise, the classic Instant Pot Duo was at its lowest price ever and was one of Black Friday 2019’s top 20 best sellers. That’s just expected at this point.

This week, we found a few hidden gem deals on one of those new Instant Pot models as well as other devices like a blender and oval cooker. If one of your Valentine’s New Year’s resolutions was to learn to cook or expand their menu to healthier dishes, an Instant Pot can open their options to new recipes and cuisines that may have been a pain before. Plus, cooking together is a much more romantic date night than going to claustrophobic restaurant.

One of the Instant Pots from the newest drop is almost half off

Adding “Nova” to the end of the best-known Instant Pot can really throw people off. But this upgrade simply took all of the things you know and love about the old Duo (like a straightforward display and seven functions for $50) and added a smart steam release valve that automatically closes when you close the lid. The screen also got a blue glow-up like its more expensive counterparts and features a progress indictor.

The craziest part? It’s on sale for just $5 more than the regular Duo’s Black Friday sale and is $9 cheaper than its own Black Friday price. Regularly $99.95, you can save $44 and get it for $55.99. (Amazon is being far too humble and listing the MSRP as $59.95, but heading to Instant Pot’s official site will show you that the 6-quart Duo Nova is indeed $99.95.)

One of the Instant Pots from the newest drop is almost half off

Blenders that can tackle both hot and cold foods that also feature pre-programmed steps for different textures are usually on the pricey end. (*Cough Vitamix cough*) Instant Pot’s Ace Plus blender takes care of all ends of the blending spectrum for less than $130: From smoothies and nut milk to smooth or noodle-heavy soups, the Ace Plus has a button for it. If your recipe involves meat, it can be boiled directly in the blender. 

Regularly $149.99, you can save $26.74 and get it for $123.25. The older model, the regular Instant Pot Ace 60, is over 50% off at Walmart — get it for $44.96.

One of the Instant Pots from the newest drop is almost half off

Amazon and Walmart are typically the retailers ahead of the pack on Instant Pot deals, so the fact Kohl’s has such a competitive price is the true meaning of a “hidden gem deal.” The 11-in-1 Aura Pro has the same classic functions like yogurt making, steaming, and sautéing as its siblings, but adds functions like baking, sous vide, and a multigrain mode. Its rectangular shape makes it ideal for casseroles and longer roasts that can’t lay flat in a tall, cylindrical Instant Pot.

Regularly $159.99, you can save $32 by using code FROST at checkout and get it for $127.99.

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