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The new Apple Pencil gets a new fully wireless design




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The new Apple Pencil has a fully enclosed design that removes the silver ring.
The new Apple Pencil has a fully enclosed design that removes the silver ring.

The Apple Pencil just got a significant upgrade. And yes, it pairs quite nicely with the new 11-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro.

For starters, the Apple Pencil now has a fully enclosed design. Unlike the first generation accessory, there is no top cap that, when removed, reveals a Lighting connector. It will attach magnetically to the iPad Pro, where it will charge wirelessly. Even better, it will auto pair with the new iPad Pros, just like AirPods do. 

It also makes sense to remove the Lightning connector since the new iPads use USB-C.

Apple built touch sensors into the sides of the Apple Pencil, which allows for new UX controls. For instance, double tapping near the tip can trigger an event in an app or open your preferred note-taking app.

In Photoshop on the iPad Pro, double tapping the Apple Pencil will zoom all the way in and all the way out. There will likely be an API or SDK for the Pencil so developers can take full advantage of it. 

The new Apple Pencil costs $129.99 and can be ordered now. It ships on Nov. 6, and Apple is offering free engraving.

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