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The Lenovo Smart Tab P10 is less than $200



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Image: lenovo

TL;DR: The award-winning Lenovo Smart Tab P10 is currently on sale on Amazon for less than $200. It keeps waffling between a couple of different prices, but the last time we checked, it was listed at $194.46 — that’s 44% off its usual retail price of $349.99.

Every once in blue moon, the Mashable Shopping team comes across a product on Amazon that gives us what can only be described as an acute case of “pricing whiplash.” First it’s on sale for amount A. It sells out minutes later, then comes back in stock at amount B when we refresh the page. Then it’s back at price A upon another refresh, etcetera, etcetera, rinse and repeat.

This hadn’t happened for a while until this morning, when the 64GB Lenovo’s Smart Tab P10 went on sale. First, I noticed it was marked down to a mere $149.99 — its biggest discount in the site’s history. When I refreshed the page, the tablet was randomly relisted at $194.50. Only minutes later, another click of the “refresh” button returned it to that $149.99 pricing — except it was now listed as “out of stock” until July 2029. (I’m pretty sure that date was a misprint on the retailer’s part, but whatever.) 

I didn't think to grab a screenshot of the tablet's Amazon product page at the time, but this chart from the price tracking site shows it listed at $149.99.

I didn’t think to grab a screenshot of the tablet’s Amazon product page at the time, but this chart from the price tracking site shows it listed at $149.99.

The last time I checked, there were six Lenovo Smart Tab P10s left in stock at $194.46; I wouldn’t be surprised if the tablet was relisted with a later shipping date at $149.99 once those remaining units are sold.

This Lenovo tablet doubles as a smart display, and right now it's on sale for less than $200

Image: screenshot via amazon

I’ll be the first to admit that all of this price-waffling is pretty frustrating, but at the end of the day, I can’t be too mad — either way, it’s a really good deal: If you buy it now at its current pricing of $194.46, you’ll be taking a whopping 44% off its usual retail price of $349.99. And if it happens to drop to that $149.99 pricing again, you’ll be saving an impressive 57%. (It probably won’t ship for a while, mind you, but a discount that high is definitely worth the wait.)

So what’s all this fuss about? Well, the 10.1-inch Lenovo Smart Tab P10 happened to win the Best of Innovation Award at CES 2019, so it’s kind of a big deal. A Qualcomm Snapdragon processor makes it pretty powerful for its slim size, and it sports a full HD display flanked by four Dolby Atmos speakers for an immersive multimedia experience. It also comes equipped with Amazon Alexa, so if you park it in the included charging dock, it becomes a hands-free smart display.

No matter which sale price you wind paying for the Lenovo Smart Tab P10, you’ll be getting an awesome deal on an ingenious little device. Click the “See Details” button below to find out how much it’s going for right now.

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