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The Google Home Mini is on sale for $20 off at Walmart



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Upgrade your home and daily life with a Google Home Mini
Upgrade your home and daily life with a Google Home Mini

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Are you one of the last holdouts to put a smart speaker in your home? If so, it’s time for you to join the rest of us in 21st century convenience (or laziness if you prefer) and save $20 on a Google Home Mini.

At Walmart you have the option to get a single Google Home Mini on sale for $29.99, or you can purchase a 2-pack for only $50. The 2-pack is only available in chalk, but the single Home Mini comes with four different color options. Plus, the single Home Mini includes a 14-day free trial of YouTube Music Premium, so you can stream the latest tunes from Wheatus or the other hot bands of today with voice-commands. 

The Google Home Mini, like other AI-enabled smart speakers, allows for a wide range of hands-free help around the house. Ask Google Assistant for questions about the weather, get recipes for dinner, or even use it to find your lost smartphone that’s stuck between the couch cushions. It’s similar to the Amazon Echo Dot in that it’s a more compact speaker, so the sound is a little less powerful than the larger Google Home. 

Double your fun with a Google Home Mini 2-pack from Walmart

Double your fun with a Google Home Mini 2-pack from Walmart

Compared to the Echo Dot, you won’t get access to the same wide breadth of third-party skills and connection to other Amazon services. However, since Google Assistant is powered by the entire Google search engine, you often get better, more up-to-date answers. And if your TV and entertainment system relies on Google Chromecast, you get the most out of media playback with a Home Mini. Along with functionality for smart light bulbs or Nest thermostats, you get to enjoy the house of the future your grandparents were promised in the 1950s.

The Google Home Mini is a great way to dip your toes into a new smart home for just $29 at Walmart, or a cheap way to add a new speaker for another room if you already have a Google Home. And you even get a better deal if you go with the 2-pack option for only $50 to add a Home Mini to your living room, bedroom, and everywhere else. 

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