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The first Amazon Go store in NYC will be across from the World Trade Center



An Amazon Go store is coming to New York City's financial district. Here's a photo of one of its Seattle, Washington locations.
An Amazon Go store is coming to New York City’s financial district. Here’s a photo of one of its Seattle, Washington locations.

Image: David Ryder/Getty Images

Amazon’s convenience store of the future is coming to Manhattan — more specifically, New York’s financial district.

According to Recode, New York City’s very first Amazon Go store will be located inside Brookfield Place, an office and shopping complex located across the street from the World Trade Center. Brookfield Place is currently home to a number of shops such as Louis Vuitton and Gucci. 

Amazon currently operates five Amazon Go stores, three in Seattle — where its very first location opened — and two in Chicago. Along with NYC, there’s a soon-to-be-announced San Francisco location in the works as well. Locations of the stores vary from selling prepared meals like sandwiches and salads to packaged grocery items.

The thing that makes Amazon Go stores so unique is their checkout process. The stores are “cashierless,” according to the company. Customers use their phones to check-in upon entering an Amazon Go location. From there, you just take the items you’d like to purchase off the shelf and place them in your bag. Amazon’s “Walk Out” technology, basically a slew of cameras and sensors located throughout the store, track your items and charge you right from within the phone app.

Last month, Mashable reached out to Amazon after discovering several online job listings for positions at a NYC Amazon Go store. At the time, Amazon would only confirm that it’s futuristic convenience store was indeed coming to the Big Apple. We now know exactly where NYC’s first Amazon Go store will be located.

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