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The Dyson Supersonic hair dryer is on sale at Walmart for $40 off



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The Dyson Supersonic could be the last hair dryer you'll ever need, and it's $40 below competitors' prices right now.
The Dyson Supersonic could be the last hair dryer you’ll ever need, and it’s $40 below competitors’ prices right now.

Image: dyson

Stop what you’re doing, because it’s officially a “Deal That Never Happens” Day: The Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer is $359 at Walmart

This is the first time we’ve ever seen it on sale and this is the only place it’s on sale — peep it at  $399 at Amazon, Best Buy, and Dyson’s official site. That’s a full $40 more than the deal at Walmart.

You may be thinking, “$40 off of $400 isn’t that great,” and you’re kind of right — but when there’s a discount on an item that’s this in demand, you don’t pass it up. It’s kind of like finding a deal on AirPods.

You also may be thinking, “A $400 hair dryer better be impressive.” Oh, don’t worry. It is.

Traditional hair dryers are known for dangerous air vents, temperatures begging to burn someone, and sometimes, literally catching on fire. The Supersonic is armed with a specially-made digital motor with impeller blades controlled by magnets, similar to the way Dyson’s fans work. 

To prevent cooking your locks, the Supersonic uses a smart sensor to measure air temperature 20 times a second to keep things consistent. BOOM.

This extraordinary power allows it to blow air (and effectively dry even the fullest, most unmanageable mops) twice as fast as a normal hair dryer — but somehow, it’s quieter than the average ones, too.

Dyson blew competitors out of the water with attachments too, which connect via magnets and use air channels to prevent getting hot.

Dyson customer DSimpson writes:

“I fought the temptation for a long time, thinking what can make a hair dryer worth that much money! Wow! It is worth the investment! It dries my hair so much faster and with much smoother results than any other dryer I have used! I have always put my previous dryers on the hottest and highest speed settings available. This one does the job faster set on a cooler AND medium speed setting! I feel this is much healthier for my hair and scalp… I am sold! High recommendation!”

Need more convincing? Go read the other five-star reviews — there are over 1,000 of them.

Regularly $399.99, you can save $40 and snag it for $359.99 (before it sells out, that is.)

Psst: Valentine’s Day is coming up, and if it seems like your S.O. cares about their hair more than they care about you sometimes, gifting this is about to earn you brownie points for years.

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