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The Dyson Hot + Cool fan heater is on sale for $100 off at Best Buy



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Heat a whole room or use the Dyson as a personal cooler.
Heat a whole room or use the Dyson as a personal cooler.

Image: dyson

February is a weird month for weather. One day we’re fighting our way through a snowstorm and the next we’re being teased with spring-like conditions. This can have you questioning the temperature in your home or office. 

When your central or radiator heat can’t keep up with the fluctuations, you need backup. The Dyson Hot + Cool fan heater has you covered on all fronts and it’s $100 off at Best Buy right now.

The Dyson Hot + Cool is powerful enough to heat a whole room with no cold spots, or it can be used for personal cooling. So, whether your heat isn’t cutting it and you’re shivering or it’s working overtime and you’re starting to break a sweat, the Dyson will help keep you comfortable.

There are no spinning blades or visible heating elements — that means the Dyson Hot + Cool is quieter and safer than traditional fans and space heaters. If the fan heater happens to get tipped over, its safety feature automatically powers it off. 

Embrace the rest of winter in comfort with the Dyson Hot + Cool for $349.99 at Best Buy. You can choose from the black and silver model or the iron and blue version. 

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