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The DoBox hub for Apple gadgets is on sale for just $299



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Perfect for constantly on-the-go Apple users.
Perfect for constantly on-the-go Apple users.

Image: Dobox

There isn’t much an Apple device *can’t* do these days. They’ve got functional apps aplenty and powerful technologies galore. But to paraphrase a certain little mermaid, who cares? No big deal — you still want even more out of your iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

That’s fair. And that’s why we’re currently offering our readers a deal on the DoBox Portable Wireless Hub, a do-it-all solution that makes your Apple devices capable of remarkably seamless and convenient use with other peripheral gadgets. 

The DoBox works by creating a secure WiFi connection from cable internet access or public hotspots, then uses that connection to wirelessly pair your iPhone, iPad, and Mac with all sorts of appliances. (That includes an internet cable, printers, flash drives, hard drives, keyboards, TVs, projects, monitors, speakers, and more.) As such, it doesn’t just give your Apple devices a broader range of wireless operations but also eliminates pesky cord clutter. Plus, if you take the DoBox with you on the go, you’ll be able to charge your devices as you move and keep your most important files at hand thanks to its built-in battery and 32GB of internal storage. 

The DoBox Portable Wireless Hub normally retails for $359, but you can shave 16% off that price by visiting the Mashable Shop today, where DoBoxes are on sale for just $299.

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