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The brand new Dyson V11 Torque Drive vacuum is $100 off at Amazon



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The smartest Dyson stick vacuum yet has an LCD screen and knows when to switch between floor types.
The smartest Dyson stick vacuum yet has an LCD screen and knows when to switch between floor types.

Image: dyson

Thanks for attending our weekly Dyson Fan Club meeting, y’all.

Today’s agenda: The Dyson V11.

Just released in March 2019, the new V11 supposedly has 20% more suction than the V10 (which was already a really reliable vacuum). We were perfectly content just freaking out that it’s finally on the market, so you can imagine our reaction to finding out that it’s also on sale for $100 off at Amazon today

We won’t lie — a sale price of $599.99 is still hefty. But if you’ve been dealing with the same shitty vacuum for years and have been contemplating splurging on one from the Dyson line, this is the one to do it with.

Vacuum meets computer with the V11, a combination that hasn’t really been attempted (successfully, at least) until Dyson. The base of the vacuum talks to the cleaning head to understand what type of surface it’s cleaning and adjust the way it cleans accordingly. This automatically customized suction will lead to deeper, more effective cleans — and less horsepower on your part.

That “20% more powerful” claim comes from a microprocessor in the motor head and a completely redesigned new cylindrical motor. This sounds like the motor would be way too loud, but the sound diffuser was also upgraded to muffle noise better. (Less like a vacuum, more like an air purifier.)

The dust bin is also 40% larger.

The Torque Drive model sports an LCD screen (oooooh) where you can choose from three cleaning configurations: Auto mode balances between power and suction for different floor types, Boost mode gives more powerful suction for five minutes, and Eco mode (you could call it maximum overdrive) gives 60 minutes of powerful suction. The screen also shows a battery life countdown. (This is not available on the V11 Animal.)

Regularly $699.99 (and still that price on Dyson’s site), you can save $100 at Amazon and get it for $599.99.

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