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The best UK deals for Wednesday



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Deals that refuse to budge.
Deals that refuse to budge.

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Making a gift for someone you care about is a sure-fire winner. Even if it’s a little aesthetically challenged, the fact that you put the time and effort into making something from scratch is guaranteed to impress.

Some things you just can’t make, however.

A scrapbook, painting, or tasty bake are all within the remit of most gift givers. A piece of jewellery probably is not, and jewellery is almost guaranteed to impress, too.

Unlike most home-made gifts, jewellery is probably going to require a little more investment, but it doesn’t have to be this way. We have put together some of the best offers on jewellery, so you can pick up a quality item for a fraction of list price.

A Kami Idea princess necklace is currently available for £21.99, down from £99.99. You can also save on Alex Perry sterling silver aurore boreale crystals, on sale for £9.99 from a list price of £99.99.

Elsewhere in our list of the best deals from across the internet, you can save on home technology and cosmetic products for Halloween. These are the best offers for Oct. 24.

Deals on jewellery

Home technology deals

This Logitech speaker system is available for under £30.

This Logitech speaker system is available for under £30.

Halloween offers

Perfect for Halloween.

Perfect for Halloween.

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