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The best Nintendo Switch Black Friday deal



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You'll be hard pressed to find something better.
You’ll be hard pressed to find something better.

Image: amazon

Every year the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales produce loads of great deals, but some always stand out from the crowd. In the past we have seen fights break out over TV offers, and some last-minute scrambles to secure games console bundles before they go out of stock.

It’s always tricky to predict which deals will prove to be memorable from the masses of reductions each year, but the current offer on the Nintendo Switch is surely a contender. You can pick up either a in Neon Blue/Red or a in grey for just £249.00.

At that price, it wouldn’t be a huge surprise to see stocks of the Nintendo Switch run out fast. If that does happen, or you would prefer a bundle or accessory, there are other options out there to grab whilst there’s time:

We aren’t saying this is going to be the absolute best deal of Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2018, especially with so long left to go, but we are saying that it’s a contender. It’s that good.

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