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“Avengers: Infinity War” came to theaters in April, and four months later fans still can’t stop talking about it – and theorizing about its sequel.

The untitled fourth “Avengers” movie comes to theaters next year, and after the devastating cliffhanger ending of “Infinity War,” moviegoers are desperate to learn what happened to the Avengers who vanished from the Thanos snap, and if they’re coming back. 

Well, of course they’re coming back, or at least most of them. Marvel has numerous release dates set for yet-to-be-announced movies and it would be hard to imagine that it would leave some of its most popular characters, like Black Panther and Doctor Strange, as dust for good.

The bigger question is “how?” How are these characters going to return? Plenty of theories about that and more have been floating around the internet since “Infinity War” was released. We’ve rounded up four of the most plausible theories for “Avengers 4,” and ranked them on the likelihood of them coming true.

Below are four major “Avengers 4” theories: