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The best animal-proof garbage can in 2019: Toter 64-Gallon Trash Can




I’ve always lived in fairly rural areas, but when I moved into my current home that’s essentially located in the woods, I discovered just how persistent wildlife could be in getting into trash cans. I tried everything — bungee cords, chains, only putting the trash out the night before going to the dump — but these critters persevered. I would have resorted to keeping the garbage cans on my enclosed porch, were it not for fear of a determined bear coming along and simply letting himself into my home.

At last, I started experimenting with all manner of animal-proof garbage cans. Finally, I found solutions to keeping the raccoons, squirrels, rodents, neighborhood dogs, and just about everything else out.

Keeping animals out of your garbage cans can be a big task, but it’s also an important one. While some of the garbage cans in this list are on the more expensive side, they’re likely worth it in terms of the time and frustration they’ll save you, especially if you’re dealing with persistent visits from wildlife. Plus, if you have a dog who is attracted to your garbage or who might come across a spilled container before you’re aware of it, then these garbage cans could save your dog from serious digestive upset and a potential emergency trip to the vet. (When you consider the cost of an emergency vet trip, these cans will pay for themselves.)

We’ve evaluated these garbage cans according to their design, overall performance, ease of use, and the types of animals they’re built to keep out. These garbage cans are ideal for homeowners or renters who live just about anywhere. In cases like mine, they’re useful for keeping all sorts of wildlife out (even bears), but they’re also ideal for urban residents who are dealing with rats, raccoons, and other animals.

If you’re looking for additional ways to keep animals from bothering your garbage cans, strategies such as sprinkling some ammonia on each trash bag can help to deter raccoons and dogs. Leaving your garbage cans in an area that’s well-lit or with lights that are on motion sensors at night may also help.

Here are our top picks for the best animal-proof garbage cans in 2019:

Updated on 08/29/2019 by Les Shu: Updated links, formatting, and prices. Added related home improvement buying guides.

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