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The best air walker and air glider exercise machine in 2019




The Gazelle Supreme is a well-known, top-of-the-line air walker with hydraulic resistance, versatility, and advanced technology.

Many people have become familiar with air walkers because of the man in the photo above: fitness trainer Tony Little. You would see him pitch Gazelle gliders on TV infomercials in the odd hours. While as-seen-on-TV products tend to be gimmicky, the Gazelle (and Tony Little) has stood the test of time — and still going strong.

The most deluxe model in the current Gazelle lineup, the Gazelle Supreme, has many features that really enhance workouts: hydraulic resistance pistons; a patented dual pivot system for a large range of motion and independent movement of the legs; “Soft Glide” technology, which makes striding smooth and reduces the impact on joints; grip pulse monitors and a computer that tracks your heart rate, calories burned, distance, time, and speed; and three workout DVDs (“Total Body Workout,” “Tony Little’s Quick Shape Workout,” and “Tony Little’s Ultimate Body & Mind Workout”) with helpful exercise tips and demonstrations from Mr. Little and friends.

You can do 10 different exercises, including variations on gliding (basic, wide, low, high, forward push and power), body positions (leaning forward or leaning back), and arm movements in order to target, tone, and stretch specific leg-, chest-, arm-, back-, and abdominal muscles. The hydraulic pistons offer a lot of resistance, which many users really like. A downside, however, is that you can’t adjust the level of resistance — it’s either all (pistons engaged) or none (pistons disengaged).

Runners, cyclists, and other athletes enjoy the intense but low-impact aerobic and resistance challenges of the Gazelle Supreme. Amazon customers say it’s a good alternative to exercising outside in bad weather, mimics cross-country skiing, and nicely supplements their regular routines. Lat PullDown— which ranked this model second after the Sunny Health & Fitness Air Walker Trainer — says it provides “excellent cardio training to people of all fitness stages.” On the other hand, Top Fitness Review— which rated this air walker within its top five picks — thinks it is best for experienced users “who’ve owned other elliptical gliders and want to upgrade to a higher quality machine.” Nonetheless, Amazon users who are beginners still love using this model.

The Gazelle Supreme‘s stable frame, high-density foam handlebars, and extra-wide non-skid foot platforms with shock-absorbing rubber inserts make people feel secure. Its maximum weight capacity is 300 pounds, yet it folds up for easy storage. Numerous users note that the frame squeaks, but this annoyance is easily remedied with WD-40 lubricant spray.

Fit For Gym rated the Gazelle Supreme as its second-best air walker. In addition to a favorable review on Best Women’s Workout Reviews, this model earned 5 stars from 51% of almost 300 Amazon reviewers and 4.5 out of 5 stars from 74 Dick’s Sporting Goods customers.

Pros: Stable, intense workout with pistons/resistance

Cons: Squeaky, assembly instructions a bit confusing for some

Buy the Gazelle Supreme on Amazon for $239.99

Buy the Gazelle Supreme at Target for $239.99

Buy the Gazelle Supreme at Dick’s Sporting Goods for $299.99

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