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The 7 best soundbars for your TV and home theatre in the UK



Just because you don’t have the space for larger soundbars doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice quality. In fact, most compact options are, typically, as good as their larger brethren. And of those, the new Sonos Beam is easily the best available.
Despite the size, the Beam packs in five speakers to provide crisp three-channel sound. Keep in mind that the best rooms for the Beam are smaller or mid-size rooms. Not to say it’s lacking in power, but the physical size does prevent it from filling out a large room the way the PLAYBAR would.
On its own, most audio will come through clearly. Dialogue is where it shines the best, so you can really enjoy Benedict Cumberbatch’s annunciation. Bass will be better than average, too, but you may still want something to handle the bass output independent of the Beam.
Whether you plan to put the Beam in a smaller or larger room, it’s easily expandable with Sonos’ available speakers. There’s the Sonos SUB for vastly improved bass from anywhere in the room, and the Sonos Ones or Play:1s to act as rear soundbars. These can easily make up for the lack of filling sound, especially if the Beam is going into a larger space.
Despite the size, Sonos packs in plenty more to the Beam besides just killer sound. One of the biggest additions comes in the form of Amazon Alexa. Most other Sonos devices are only Alexa compatible and still need an Echo device to pair up with. Essentially, the Beam doubles as a bigger and louder Echo device that hooks up to your TV.
Then there’s all the music available thanks to the Sonos App. Simply download it on your device and pair up to the Beam via WiFi, and you’ll have access to all the music streaming services you can imagine. The one downside is that there’s no Bluetooth connection, so just be sure the WiFi can handle these devices piggybacking on it.
Like most Sonos devices, it can easily be integrated to a whole home audio network, too. You can connect and zone it with the rest of the Sonos speakers you have throughout the house. Once set up, you’ll enjoy all those speakers playing some great music or going room to room with something different in each.
Sometimes, bigger isn’t always better, and the Beam proves that. Clear sound, whole home capability, and Alexa built-in, it delivers everything you could want to complete your home cinema. 

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