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The 10 states with the best driving conditions in America



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It’s no secret — roads in the US could use some serious help. 

The American Society of Civil Engineers 2017 Report Card gave roads in the US a “D,” finding that 32% of urban streets and 14% of rural roads were in poor condition.

There are some states showing signs of hope, however.

On Tuesday, lvl5 — a company founded by ex-Tesla engineers that are building HD maps for self-driving cars —published a list of US states ranked by road quality.

The company analyzed over 15 million photographs captured by its iPhone dashcam app, Payver, which pays users (typically Uber or Lyft drivers) up to $0.05 per mile to record their driving using their cell phone. To rank the states, Lvl5 measured four distinct areas: road paint fading, pavement cracking, potholes, and surface flatness.

Think your state has the smoothest rides around? 

Think again if you’re in Michigan — lvl5 found the Great Lake State to have the worst roads in the country. Iowa had the second-worst road quality in the study, followed by Indiana in 3rd. Lvl5’s full findings can be found here.

Below, we’ve listed the 10 states with the best driving conditions:

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