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The 10 best reusable coffee cups in the UK



The Chugg Mug cup is equally great for coffee, teas, soft drinks, and water, meaning it’s perfect for the office. 
You shouldn’t get the taste of plastic or metal with this cup, as it’s made from the same material as Pyrex, which is lightweight, strong, and BPA free. This allows you to enjoy your drink as intended.
This cup is 350ml which is standard Barista size, meaning your local coffee shop will be able to fill the mug up for you with ease, which is nice.
There’s only one design to choose from, and it’s pretty basic, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. After all, you just want your coffee to taste like coffee.
The Chugg Mug cup only costs £11.99 so it’s a great budget option if you just want something simple to carry around with you.
Amazon user R_J_L says:

Great item but comes with a slight warning – it gets incredibly warm when you carry it and the rubber strip doesn’t offer your hand much protection. It can make carrying the item over long distances quite difficult if you can’t swap hand readily. However, a really well made item and pleasant to drink from. As sad as this sounds, i’ve received compliments for it from several people and even have had a couple of free drinks from coffee shops.

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