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‘Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’ early review roundup: A hit with critics



CNET: “The World of Light board is massive — after a week of playing, I’m still finding areas that I haven’t been to yet.”

Polygon: “The whole mode has much more complexity than I originally expected from a Nintendo title … World of Light offered me a palate-cleansing grinding experience unlike anything in previous Smash games, where number crunching mattered as much as my fighting skill.”

The Verge: “The battles are all quite different, but what they share in common is that they’re all fairly bite-sized challenges. Most only take a minute or two to complete. This makes it a natural fit for the Switch, where you can knock out a challenge (or a few) whenever you get a spare moment.”

Nintendo Life: “The variety in these fights is staggering, and practically all of them are insanely good fun and a novel way to breathe additional life into battles.”

Kotaku: “World of Light feels like a forced march through a Nintendo product catalog. It failed to elicit an iota of nostalgia in me. Mostly, I was frustrated.”

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