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Sundar Pichai ‘deeply sorry’ for Google’s record on sexual misconduct



Sundar Pichai
Google CEO Sundar


  • Sundar Pichai emailed Google staff saying he is “deeply
    sorry” for sexual misconduct at the company following last
    week’s explosive New York Times report.
  • The email comes after news emerged that Google staff
    are planning a walkout to protest against the company’s
    handling of the sexual misconduct allegations.
  • Pichai alluded to staff dissatisfaction in the email,
    and said Google must take a “much harder line on inappropriate

Google CEO Sundar Pichai sent an email to staff saying he is
“deeply sorry” for the sexual misconduct of top executives laid
bare in a report by
The New York Times

Ars Technica obtained the email
, which was reportedly sent to
employees on Tuesday evening. It followed an all-staff meeting at
the company last week, in which Pichai and Google cofounder Larry
Page addressed concerns.

“So first, let me say I am deeply sorry for the past actions and
the pain they have caused employees. Larry mentioned this on
stage last week, but it bears repeating: if even one person
experiences Google the way the New York Times article described,
we are not the company we aspire to be,” he wrote.

The New York Times described sexual misconduct on the part of
Andy Rubin, the creator of Android. Rubin left Google in 2014
following allegations he coerced a woman into oral sex, the Times
reported. He denies the allegations.

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Google employees are reportedly planning a walkout this week in
protest of the recent sexual misconduct revelations

This email comes after
news of a planned walkout by Google staff
emerged on Monday.
The “women’s walk” is scheduled to take place on Thursday, and
was organised in the wake of last week’s all-hands meetings. In
his email, Pichai alluded to staff dissatisfaction, writing:

“Since last week, I’ve heard from many of you. Some of you wrote
me personally. Others have shared their thoughts with leaders and
fellow Googlers. One thing that’s become clear to me is that our
apology at TGIF didn’t come through, and it wasn’t enough. We
hear you.”

Pichai also said in the email that Google has to take a “much
harder line on inappropriate behavior.” Yesterday an executive
named in the Times piece — a director at Google’s research lab
Alphabet X named Richard DeVaul —
reportedly resigned without an exit package

Business Insider has contacted Google for comment.

can read Sundar Pichai’s full email here.

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