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Steve Bannon says Elon Musk and other tech CEOs are ‘man childs’



Steve Bannon Elon Musk
Steve Bannon and Elon Musk
at a White House strategy and policy forum in February


  • Former White House Strategist Steve Bannon told CNN
    that Elon Musk and other tech CEOs are “all man
  • Bannon said Musk had an “emotional breakdown” in an
    interview with The New York Times, and

    out lied” about securing funding to take Tesla
  • Bannon’s attack comes just hours after Musk denied
    crying during the Times interview.
  • Musk and Bannon have met before, as Musk served on two
    advisory councils to Donald Trump, but pulled out over the US
    president’s decision to leave the Paris climate change

Steve Bannon roasted Tesla CEO Elon Musk in
an interview with CNN journalist Oliver Darcy
on Wednesday.

Bannon was generally damning of big tech executives on the call,

saying that they are “sociopaths” and “narcissists,”
but he
was particularly scathing about Musk and Tesla.

In a venomous attack, the former White House strategist said
Musk’s board of directors have no control over him and that he
“essentially lies.”

He also criticised what he saw as Musk’s “emotional breakdown” in
his interview with the New York Times earlier this month. “This
is the level of maturity you have with these people. They are not
mature adults. They are all man childs,” said Bannon.

Here’s his quote in full:

It comes just hours after Musk denied crying during the Times

Musk tweeted on Tuesday that
during the conversation, his voice “cracked once”
and he did
not cry. A New York Times spokesperson refuted this, saying: “Mr.
Musk’s emotion was audible. It is not true that his voice only
cracked once.”

The back-and-forth over Musk’s now infamous “funding secured”
tweet has been a stormy time for Tesla, with the carmaker’s stock
falling 5% after Musk finally
revealed that he was not taking the company private

Musk and Bannon’s paths have crossed previously.

Musk served on two presidential advisory councils to Donald
Trump, but
stepped down in June 2017
citing the US president’s decision
to withdraw from the Paris climate agreement. At the time, Musk
tweeted: “Climate change is real. Leaving Paris is not good for
America or the world.”

Bannon was reportedly
instrumental in convincing Trump to pull out of the Paris
, although he was
fired as chief strategist
just a few months later.

Business Insider has contacted Tesla and Elon Musk for comment.

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